About Us


Mission Statement

“Educating families and individuals to create healthier lifestyle choices NOW, rather than reacting to illness later.”

Our bodies are a Magnificent Manufacturing Centers that houses our Spirit, our Mind and a host of over 600 trillion cells that makes up tissues. These tissues make up organs and organs make up our bodies.

We work with individuals to nourish the cells, because if your cells are getting all they need daily, then this creates a healthy body.

"Heathy cells, creates heathy tissues, heathy tissues, creates healthy organs, heathy organs creates heathy bodies!"

Once you learn what the body requires to function and stay healthy, your body can begin to repair the damaged cells, eliminate bad cells, and create new cells.

Spiritual wellness is a key to health as well, we are both spiritual and physical beings. Healing comes faster when both spiritual and physical issues are addressed and nourished.

The majority of my clients have found no relief with modern medical practices, and have spent far beyond their means to get healthy, with little or no results.

Jodie Clow

Health Specialist

I am trained in specialty areas for spiritual & physical wellness. At 19 years old I contracted malaria and had my own health crises. After 7 years of searching for answers  (3.5 in traditional medicine and 3.5 in alternative therapies) I finally got relief with nourishing my body with plant sources that I didn’t know were missing from my diet. 
I began to teach others as I sat under world renowned physicians who had also had heath challenges, but were not able to get healthy with our current medical system. They also had turned to plant technologies and found relief. Their bodies began to repair itself the way nature intended it to be.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”